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    My sister was rummaging through some garbage bags of old stuff in the basement when she came across our, admittedly enormous, collection of teddies from over the years. She brought up my old stuffed Barney and the backpack that went with it. It was kind of ironic as she is (nearly) clueless of my AB side. I had forgotten him until then.

    That was about a week ago. Now I am sick and as a result I won't let my gf come over for cuddles until I am getting better. She suggested I go grab my Barney and my paci.

    That brings us to now as I type this! Oh how I missed my Barney and didn't even realize it

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    I know what you mean! I miss mt Cabbage patch doll soo much! She is somewhere in the old home place and I miss my barbies... I have them still somewhere. My mama also had tons of dolls!

    I have a doll I got for Christmas 4 years ago and she looks like a real baby and she is one of a kind and so pretty! She even has on a little diaper! I have her with me...

    I may have some new dolls and toys but I miss my old toys!

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    I still have all my childhood teddies including one which is 35 years old and it was only recently I got little ted out of my parents loft after about 20 years!

    My favourite is a monkey who I bought 15 years ago.

    I would miss them both so much if I lost them!

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