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Thread: tonight is the night!

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    Default tonight is the night!

    My GF has gone out for some drinks tonight.... I'm thinking of telling her about my secret when she gets home - hoping she's had enough drink to help her with the shock!

    Will update to let you know how it goes!

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    Hey, I wish you all the luck! We will congratulate you if it goes well and we will be here for support if it goes bad... that's if you can manage to work up the courage! It can be harder than it sounds.

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    Better hope she didn't have too much. She will either not remember the next day, or possibly tell someone else. Drunken texting is a terrible thing.

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    Yea, good luck. Wish you all the best and hope it works out good for you. Just make sure you are ready for this. If all goes well, you will feel so much better after it said and done. Keep us updated!

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