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Thread: Anyone, used to do this before you got diapers?

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    Default Anyone, used to do this before you got diapers?

    Before you decided to get diapers, have you ever snuk Baby Powder, and put it on? I have and I have actually been able to GET AWAY WITH IT! but has anyone else ever done this?

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    Never occurred to me to use the stuff like that until i was actually wearing diapers. I had it in my room all the time because of chafing in sports and stuff though.

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    Don't know why you'd have to sneak something like baby powder, when there's so many more legit uses for it, aside from when you wear a diaper. I used to use it for, as Kwis said, chafing in sports, and helping to get rid of ants at work (boss taught me this one.)

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    I always used baby powder when I was little, and much in the same way a baby does. One hot day when I was very young, I complained to my mother that my bottom was sweaty and itchy, and she suggested a poof of baby powder. It was at my disposal from that day on. I guess I kind of took it for granted, because I never drew the obvious connection between baby powder and diapers until I was older and started buying my own diapers.

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    Well even before I had an interest in diapers, I liked the smell of baby powder. We have always had it on hand at home because everyone uses it as a cheap substitute for a rosin bag while bowling.

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    I've used it all my life.

    Basically it keeps chafing, or pain from already chafed areas, to a minimum. I use stuff like Desitin for the same reason. I went to an amusement park several years ago and got soaked on a ride. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts and they rubbed my legs until they were so sore I could barely walk. I had to use the ointment to help with the pain and help it heal.

    The powder keeps things like that from happening in the first place.

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    Only ever to put in my shoes and on my feet. Which I still do ^^ Keeps my feet nice and fresh :3

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    In addition to my diaper area, I love using it after deodorant on my underarms. I love the scent and it keeps me comfy.

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    I too use baby powder, it is a gift when changing the tyres on the motorbike, (you don‘t need the graphic details). Yes we have had road rash, diaper rash never ever.

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