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Thread: anyone play runescape

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    Default anyone play runescape

    if you play runescape add me my account name is micky678 or its ARMY SLOAN

    it myght be the second one becase i changed my screen name to that idk i play all the time though so lets have fun

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    I used to play, im about lv 106 i -think-, but i really dont touch it other than for holiday updates.
    Character name is: SmartieLion if you really want to add me though.

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    mine is not that high mine is 64 lol and im a member

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    and im online right now

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    Runescape...omg those were fun days lol. That game kept so glued to the computer for hours lmao. But I don't play it anymore, because I simply got bored of it. Mining, making money, completing quests, and killing monsters isn't as fun for me as it was 5 years ago.

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    102 or 103 f2p combat member with 99 hunting and about 95.7 Mill worth in items/cash.

    This weekend is actually a bonus exp one. Gonna be working on my range (second 99) in the GWD hopefully making good bank too.

    Edit: Screen name is DemonEye Keo, add if ya want.

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    My RSN is Diesel_Benz not on much these days but occasionally will go on.

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    I used to play, but I lost interest because I didn't quite like the way you had to lv up the summon skill.

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