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Thread: should i go big or go home

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    Default should i go big or go home

    i know i should get my stash a bigger hidding spot right now i have 5 depends and a tranquility with some liquid baby powder its a reliable stash but i want it be bigger it holds about 15 diapers full capacity up in the raftors of the garage im thinking of moving to a box that can hold 50 but am woried that i might get caught

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    The biggest factors would be if you live with anyone else, and if so, how many you use a month. I don't use many so I never get more than 24 at a time for now. When I move out I plan on having a bigger amount in an unseen spot, but as I'm living at home I've got less room, and more places with them stashed means more chance of them being found.

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    While I was living with other people I never had more than 24 stashed away. Again was hard to hide. But I was thinking of ways to get my stash somewhere bigger. I moved out into a place by myself and now it's a non-issue. So I would definitely consider the big box idea you have. The only thing really is to ask yourself what could happen if you were to get caught by this. If it's just your own fears you're running into instead of reality that you'd probably be ok, then by all means go for it. If there is a real threat that you could lose your family/loved one(s) though, don't chance it. Your choice and all depends on your situation.

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    There is really no reason to amass a huge stash when living under someone else's roof. Keep enough to satisfy the craving, replace as needed. Why have a massive stash when the only thing it does for you is expose you to more potential risk of being found out?

    I mean, if you get off on the adrenaline rush, that's a completely different story - but that's also something that could line you up for a premature heart attack, too....

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