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Thread: A call to Aussies

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    Question A call to Aussies

    Where do you get your diapers, and of the brands available in-store to us, which do you prefer and why?

    P.S. If you have any specific stores, it would be fantastic if they were based in NSW

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    i got mine from the supermarket.... just drynites... lol but if you want proper diapers then i cant really help you

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    None of the shops where I live sell them (apart from lousy depends and pullups).

    I buy mine from brightsky

    They aren't exactly cheap but they have a good range...

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    There are shops near me that sell diapers, but they're depends which aren't very good.
    I've used this website on multiple occasions to buy diapers, they ship discreetly and I've had no problems with the package arriving late, etc.

    Here: Stress Incontinence Products, Mobility Equipment and Aids, Adult Nappies, Adult Diapers and bowel pads

    They are pretty cheap for the quantity you get; anyway good luck.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, the problem I have with delivery, even discreet, is my mother, she will be rather curious about any package that large.
    On top of that, if it is sent by regular post, then I will have to pick it up from the local Post Office, which causes even more issues as I don't drive.

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    If you have a friend who knows, you could try asking them if you can get it sent to their house and then you could pick it up from there. Plus you could always make up an excuse such as saying its computer parts, or something for a friend, or maybe even a present for her, be creative. Although the idea of saying its a present for her probably wouldn't work unless it was around the time of her birthday, but if it wasn't you could say its a surprise or something. You never know, it might work.

    When I first ordered diapers online I only ordered them in small quantities. Maybe you could try that, if the package is small enough.

    Anyway, good luck getting some diapers

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    Thanks for getting back so fast Pichu.
    You have some great ideas, but none of them quite apply to my situation as no-one else knows and the only person I could tell w/o too much concern isn't in a position to accept parcels for me either...
    I could attempt to come up with a decoy item, but it is going to take a bit of thought. In the mean time I've been out to get a pack of Depends, but as stated in this thread already, they leave a bit to be desired.

    I was hoping for a supplier of quality brands in Western Sydney, but alas, I fear I living in Australia is going to be my downfall in this regard.

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    Any chemists near you? I've lucked out once and found molicare at a local pharmacy; but when I ran out and I went back they didn't have them anymore... I didn't find depend fitted briefs (the proper nappy type ones) too bad until they switched to a cloth like cover...

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    I've looked around a few different chemists, both large and small ones. All I can find is Depend and Tena. I tend not to go to the local ones though as there are way too many people that know me in the area, and I run into people in the most random of places.

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    How about going to Independence Solutions?

    Visit Our Showroom | Independence Australia

    Have found in Victoria they are not really that aware of their own products but would suggest you ask for samples of Sanicare/Abena Abri-Form, Vlesi Slip Comfot Premium and whatever else they recommend.

    Make sure you tell them it's for heavy bedwetting that you are seeing your doctor for already or some such thing to get the samples free.

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