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Thread: what do YOU do on adisc?

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    Default what do YOU do on adisc?

    basically where are your primary hang outs here? do you post all over? or maybe just the teen baby section? and maybe you like to lurk in the mature topics aswell? maybe you use the other features of adisc more

    for me i like the mature topics i like the arguements and people

    i lurk just about all over with the occasional post elsewhere

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    Mostly the Teen Baby section. If that's untouched looking, Adult Baby section.
    Diaper Lover section, yes.
    Mature Topics all the time.
    Off Topic all the time.

    I just read most things, and sometimes post something helpful or stupid. There's no grey area.

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    I am pretty sure about 95% of my posts are in the off topic section but it could be more like 90% or so. But yeah the majority of my time I would say goes into the off topics

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    Nice thread.

    Most of my posts are in the off-topic section, especially in threads involving music [not playing, just listening] because I'm always on the search for new bands to listen to.

    Occasionally, I'll post in the "Mature" section depending on the topic. But lately it seems like every thread in there just goes way over my head. Perhaps I'm too much of a simpleton? <-----rhetorical question.... I don't like to contribute to threads about politics, philosophical ideas, religious subject matter, or the social injustices of the world. That stuff makes my head hurt. Also, I don't drink so the scotch/alcohol/beer threads don't apply to me either.

    Once in a blue moon I'll see what's going on in the Diaper Talk forum. Usually my interest in diapers comes and goes with the change of the seasons. One minute I love them; the next minute I could care less.

    As for the rest of the forum:

    • Greetings - There are way too many new people to greet individually. Plus, I'm a new member as well.
    • Teen Baby - I'm not a teenager.
    • Adult Baby - I'm not one.
    • Babyfur/littlefur - I don't even know what these are.
    • Stories - No interest.

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    I basically just lurk around, reply to topics if I have something to add, and once in a while go on IRC. Nothing much more that really, there isn't really much to talk about when you are just a DL so...I usually lurk the off-topic section like I was doing before.

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    The majority of my posts seem to be in the Off-Topic forum. I don't give any attention to the Stories forums, and very little to the Greetings / Introductions forum. I do tend to check out a lot of the stuff in the Mature Topics and Babyfur forums. As for the AB, TB, and DL forums most of the stuff I don't bother with, but some topics do catch my attention.

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    Is it possible to add a poll to this thread? I think it would be kinda neat to see where most people spend their time on ADISC.

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    I'm all over the place. My top three sections are probably Off-Topic, Diaper Talk and Adult Baby. The only one I never really check is Babyfur. Although I am interested in some aspects of BF-ism, I don't really have anything to say in any of the discussions.

    Quote Originally Posted by bomb851 View Post
    Is it possible to add a poll to this thread? I think it would be kinda neat to see where most people spend their time on ADISC.

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    Mature Topic
    TB topic
    Diaper topic
    AB topic
    EC Topic

    in that order.

    Also post whoring. (kidding, I just don't have a life.)

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    Off Topic and Mature Topic forums are always a fun way to kill time
    Other than that, I just roam around the forum, reading and posting on occasion.

    Also - A poll would indeed make this a bit easier for folks who don't want to say a lot :P

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