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Thread: Sims 2 PC.. Help!!!

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    Default Sims 2 PC.. Help!!!

    Ok so I recently got the game Sims2 for PC, I know I'm like way behind but honestly I can't really afford sims 3 right now... Anyways so I really love the game.. What I dont like is the crappy houses that are on it,
    I've tried building my own, but I really, REALLY suck at that... Anybody that can give me advice? I'm alll ears, it would be greatly appreciated,
    Thanx in advance

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    I have only played the Sims 1 myself, but did come across a good site with loads of articles and downloads for all three of the Sims games. Check out The Sims Resource. They've got building downloads, tutorials, and more for the Sims 2.

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    Wow really? Building downloads sounds quite promising.. thanx soo much for your help BruanHam :P I'm gonna go check that out!!

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    Forget playing the game. Building the houses is the shit! Then you kill your sims in them when you're bored.
    I remembered today actually, I always made gay couples. Rarely heterosexuals... That was in.... Elementary school maybe. Huh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLBoi90 View Post
    What I dont like is the crappy houses that are on it,
    I've tried building my own, but I really, REALLY suck at that...
    Yea, I totally know the feeling.

    I owned The Sims and The Sims 3 [never played TS2] and never ONCE built a house. One reason is because I lack the artistic creativity to do so.

    The second reason is because of the hassle:

    • all the money involved
    • dimensions of the house and all rooms
    • how many stories the house has
    • all the patterns/colors/shapes/types of floors/walls/siding/roof/stairs/ceiling
    • all the outdoor construction (pools/patios/gardens)
    • space issues
    • etc...

    After I considered all the repercussions of building a house I said, "Screw this crap, just get into a house and deal with life!"

    Life management, for the win!

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    motherload cheat gives you all the money you need. open the cheat console with Crtl Alt C

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    Wow thx ppl ... And I think I may have solved it, haha... I just downloaded a YouTube vid of someone building a house on sims and basically copied his every move... Haha I'm now living in an amazing house...

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    As well you should check out Welcome to Mod The Sims personally it really enhanced the game for me back when I was playing the sims 2.

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