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Thread: Things are starting to make more sense at last.

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    Default Things are starting to make more sense at last.

    Yesterday when it comes to Crohn's treatment I had to visit the hospital and see a surgeon about what I can expect to happen and managed to get some explanation on what's going on. To cut a long story short here the damage has been located at where the small intestines connects to the colon and is also connecting itself wrongly by a fistula to a separate part of the colon. Only way this can be treated is the removal of said parts. I also know for certain now as well that the crohn's is active around the back so to speak.

    I guess I don't quite know how to feel about such a development. All of a sudden I have an answer at why some of the IC side of things has crept into my life and also that it isn't any of my own doing because of stress or something. Also when it comes to the treatment and operation I feel like I can deal with this side much better then I did late last year when the option was 1st brought up. I think that I'm dealing with the symptoms better and in myself mostly feeling better has helped a great deal. But I knowing that the colon is part responsible for this is a bit of a worry. As is knowing that I'll be losing part of it as well.

    I can't expect anyone here to say what's going on and what I can expect after all this is sorted but it has made me wonder. While I can manage at this stage, incontinence may be something it seems could become more then just a being ill at the moment side to life. Of course it's too early to say right now but while I will always hope for the best outcome I guess I can't be counted out ether from what I now know.

    I do know one thing at lest. I will and must do everything I can to stay strong and get through this nasty period I've had. Whatever the outcome, I want my life back for sure!

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    Speaking as a another sufferer of the disease, I hope everything goes alright for you, especially if your only option is to go under the knife.

    I've been dealing with the condition on and off for the past 7-8 years and recently, this past summer, things began acting up again (anemia, tiredness, bouts of severe abdominal pain). I'm on a decent medical regimen but it probably doesn't help that much with school and the stress that accompanies finals and whatnot. While my symptoms haven't been as severe as yours are, there's always a chance that it could progress to that level. My heart goes out to you; this whole condition sucks big time.

    I'm fortunate in that I haven't gone under the knife for it myself but I have been hospitalized for a few weeks at a time, the worst time being when I was first diagnosed. I was held at the hospital because I didn't want to acknowledge that i was sick when they told me what it might be and, according to them, without proper medical assistance, I would have starved to death in a week. It was pretty bad.

    Has your doctor tried immunosuppressants and corticosteroids? I was on a mix of those for about a year and it managed to throw things back into remission for a long time. I was even able to cheat on 'the diet' a fair deal.

    In any case, I'm sorry to hear that things aren't so great at the moment but hopefully the doctors will have a strategy to keep things under control. I'm rooting for ya.

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    I'd say that getting a precise diagnosis and the possibility of a surgical procedure that should correct the problem is good news. You can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Your situation is in many ways better than that in which many of us find ourselves, whose physicians perform a lot of tests and then tell us they really aren't sure what the problem is. If I were in your shoes, I'd go for the surgery. Good luck!

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    Wow! You're amazing! I hope the surgery not only corrects the situation, but allows you some peace. As far as incontinence is concerned, it's just like learning to live with a permanent limp, or vision problem. You gotta do what you gotta do! Keep us posted, and good luck.

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