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    i know the clean up for non disposables is a hassle, but i was wondering: do you really get a noticeable better absorbency from cloth diapers over disposables? also, with the current ecocrisis have you people been thinking about switching to cloth?

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    I haven't used cloth yet besides makeshifts but I am considering buying or even making my own. my mom used to make baby diapers like crack for my little sister and then after my sister stopped wearing diapers, she would still make them and sell them for loads of money. I know the basic idea behind prefolds and stuff. I honestly wonder if maybe I could make some money on ebay doing that... and to answer your question, my mom swears up and down cloth are more absorbant then disposables but I don't think there is such thing as a baby abena.

    Anyway... now that I have rambled offtopic.. I don't think I even wear enough diapers to make a difference in our ecocrisis.

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    lemme tell you, some days there's nothing better than a good clothie, but for the most part disposables meet the needs of most people better than cloth diapers and it certainly isn't better absorbency, disposables are way thinner and don't require plastic pants. and yeah, cleaning cloth diapers are a pain in the butt, but it can be worth it if you're up for it

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    worth it like how? comfyness? softness? if it's not more absorbant then is there any real benefit to the average *b/dl to getting cloth?
    also, Hypnotized, i think you could make some good money making hand made cloth diapers and selling them on ebay. if you do it, let me know, i'd want to buy some.

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    I think that it's not a matter of which is more absorbant...obviously both have their merits that way...cloth is very absorbant, but disposables tend to hold the moisture away from your 'bottom' although you can use 'liners' to help with that in cloth. Cloth, of course, do require plastic pants to be worn over them.

    The biggest benefits of cloth over disposables would be cost...although cloth diapers cost a bit more 'up front', they do last longer and thus are cheaper 'in the long run' than disposables.

    Secondary to cost would be the 'added bulk' of cloth over disposables for those who like their diaper to be 'obvious'.

    Of course there are downsides to both as well...cloth require extra care in cleaning and so on, while you can just toss disposables in the nearest trash bin. Of course cloth do not have much impact on the environment, while disposables take hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose in landfills!

    I personally prefer disposables for the comfort and the ease of disposal.

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