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Thread: Are AB Nurseries Legal?

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    Unhappy Are AB Nurseries Legal?

    As an new AB I am finding it very difficult to find a mommy who is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. However, I do seem to find a lot of established nurseries with basically a madam as the caretaker. In turn you pay for the service. This seems too much like prostitution. I would be willing to visit a nursery if I knew it was legal. I'm not interested in any sexual activity outside of breast feeding and I have to wonder what constitutes sex.

    Anybody have thoughts on this?

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    I'm not aware that the issue has ever been tested in court anywhere, but I suspect that the outcome would hinge on whether or not the customer entered into the arrangement for the express purpose of obtaining sexual gratification. If said gratification is not involved, then it is simply an unusual form of intimate personal service. Massage, for example, can be extremely intimate, but it is perfectly legal.

    I'm afraid that you are not likely to get a definitive answer, unless you carefully search the legal precedents in your jurisdiction for the currently accepted definitions of "sex" and "prostitution".

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    I'm sure if they make them sign a waiver or something then it could be legal.

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    To the best of my knowlage, alot of nurseries have a strict no sex policy. I guess it would be so they are not walking into prostitution turff.

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    it would depend on the state law - then city ordinance (law). For instance the areola is considered a sexual part of the body and has to be covered in topless clubs. Same as the crotch area. If you go to the county clubs tho it can be shown. Prostitution is illegal here period. The definition of what you described would still fit as being an S.O.B. here (sexually oriented business) that includes topless and all nude clubs, adult toy/book stores, etc. And no - you can't just sigh a piece of paper as an agreement that makes you not liable for 'breaking a law'.

    Same as if a company says sign this paper to say you are independent contractor - when you are actually an employee. That contract is void. Another example would be picking up a hooker and signing a paper that says 'not legally responsible sexual acts'. lol...

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    I guess in the end if you really really wanted to know you could call a lawyer. Probobly one from the area that the nursery is in. This is a leaga lquestion and thats what they do.

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    I think they won't do that kind of thing mostly because all of the law stuff that would have to be dealt with. I'm not even sure that they would breast feed anybody

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    ya i would do what babybeau says. It's completely anonomys (i butchered that word)

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    Being localized indoors while being a paid service, I see no illegalities unless as mentioned above, the person was looking for more than just being pampered and wants to get it regardless. And again, depends on the state laws.

    On terms of the obvious law being indecent exposure, there’s really nothing that can be done since the people in the nursery are paying and being paid to get changed into fresh diapers and clothes, and nothing is really being performed beyond that, (Although it depends on which nursery you’re at, I guess.)

    The whole thing here I believe is fear, initially. Since AB/DL is related to a fetish and rarely a lifestyle, most people would think they are paying for smut. “Am I stooping to a new low? Am I committing a crime? What will people think of me if they found out I was at such a place?”

    A thing to think about would be the purpose; “If they’re offering a service where I can be a baby for a fee, and being a baby is what I’d like to be, then why am I standing here?”

    Another thing is to engage in extensive research about the various Nurseries and pick which one you’d be comfortable going to, if there are multiple establishments. Personally, I only thought a nursery establishment where you can regress and get pampered was only a dream until reading this thread. I’d definitely try it out!

    In terms of breast feeding? Depends on the particular establishment and what they'll allow. Does it constitute as sex? Unless actual intercourse is being performed along with it I suppose it doesn't.

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