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Thread: form of government

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    Default form of government

    There is something popped in my mind.
    102 years ago, in Italy, Republic born, and after 2 years our Constitution.

    Here it is the question: if, in your country, there will be an election to decide if have a monarchy or republic, what should you vote?

    I'll vote for republic

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    I'd vote for a monarchy, because I like my Queen! (Queen Elizabeth). That's the way it is now in Canada, a constitutional monarchy, and I think it's just fine.

    First post! :p

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    To be awkward, wouldn't voting for a monarchy more or less make it a republic? What with the voting and all...

    Still, I think a republic is a better form of government. The only real reason that monarchies still exist in developed countries as far as I can see is that it's not worth the trouble of overhauling the system that keeps one. Elizabeth Windsor remains monarch of Britain (and Australia, Canada and so on) because a system has evolved around her position that works she has no real role in politics other than ceremony and technicality and that allows parliament and a prime minister to function and govern with as much autonomy as a head of state so what would be the use in reneging on thousands of years of tradition and creating an elected position that would undermine the established democratic structure and lessen stability?

    Personally, as I said, I prefer the republican model because I detest the notion of having an unelected person as my head of state, however perfunctory that position may be, but the reasons above are why I think monarchies endure to this day.

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    I'd say socialism, but it never works right. People screw it up with greed and hunger for power. So.... republic with some limited socialistic elements. I guess. But between monarchy and republic...... I suppose I'd go with republic.

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    Socialism isn't a form of government it's an economic perspective or ideology - a style. The form of a government is simply how it is structured whereas the style is what policies are practised. In short:

    Forms of government = republic, dictatorship, absolute monarchy, oligarchy, constitutional monarchy, etc.

    Styles of government/political and economic philosophies = socialism, capitalism, conservatism, communism, liberalism etc.

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    German Fashism but if I have to choose it would be Republic.

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    I thought Socialism was a type of government and Communism was a type of economic system? I'm probably wrong though.... it's confusing....

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    Monarchy if I'm in charge...But isn't an election to determine if there is going to be a monarchy a bit ironic/oxymornonic?

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    I'm pretty sure both socialism and communism are types of governments. There is a political leader in both cases, and the first thing that leader would do would be to set up a one-party system. Think about Joseph Stalin. If his socialism wasn't a type of government, he pretty much could tell the actual government what to do anyway.

    By the way, I'd vote for a republic. At least with the elected leaders we can blame some of the voters when they vote for a crappy leader.

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    Stalin was a dictator who happened to follow a communist view of economics.

    Oh and my choice is a democratic republic, it's not much use having representatives if they aren't accountable to the people

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