Many of you will remember that, on June 2nd of last year, ADISC underwent a radical transformation, commonly known as "ADISC 4.0". Our homepage got a radical new look, many things were overhauled and improved, and overall, we advanced by leaps and bounds.

Less well known is the large behind-the-scenes team that helped make this happen.

Here they are:
babysage [EC]
baconbit [EC]
bockingboy [EC]
Butterfly Mage [TC]
ChaosDX [EC]
Charlie F [Staff]
cornkid [EC]
d4l [EC]
Diapered Rabbit [TC]
Flanders [EC]
Hex [DC]
ironfox [EC]
James [EC]
kevindhca [EC]
kevintje [DC]
LittleCAM [EC]
Lowie [DC]
Martin [DC]
Mesmerale [EC]
Mink [EC]
Naionda [DC]
Near [TC]
NutFreeFruitcake [Helper]
Paul_Fox [EC]
Peachy [Staff]
Raccoon [TC]
Rufuzz [EC]
Siege89 [DC]
Sila [DC]
spddan [Staff]
Spirit [EC]
Talula [Helper]
TheFoxxehAssassin [DC]
Thisusernamewontfi [EC]
Thunder [EC]
tk7432 [TC]
Trevor [Staff]
UnMarth [DC]
Wolfy910 [EC]
Yoh [EC]
Young_Nastyman [EC]

Of this group, I'd like to give special thanks to:

  • Sila, for helping keep track of the list of bugs, and reporting many bugs, so that they could be fixed.
  • kevintje, for helping with security testing for the vast amounts of new code that was being deployed.
  • NutFreeFruitcake, Hex, and Thisusernamewontfi, for the many bugs they reported.

Remember: when we unite as a community, we can do great things!