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Thread: How did you discover that you had a Fursona?

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    Cool How did you discover that you had a Fursona?

    First, and foremost. I am not a BabyFur, but I am a curious thing. So, if for any reason at all this comes off negatively, then I completely apologize.

    I've seen others on several fetish-sites who have Fursonas, but I know that not everyone sees it sexually.

    I'm just curious as to how you grew into your Fursona? Or rather had did you even know you had one?

    I keep thinking (albeit ignorantly) that people just make them up, but then I look at my Baby-persona and it's as natural as the sun to me. So I know I'm off, I know that I'm wrong. I just want clarification.

    So please spill.

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    They are just made up representations of yourself. You do not "discover" your fursona. You make it up. It can be whatever you want it to be. Not much more to say than that.

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    Some people choose an animal that they have an affinity with, like someone who loves wolves or lions for various reasons. (IE: Majestic, mysterious, etc)

    Some people choose an animal that shares some kind of personality trait. A person who feels they are loyal and lovable might choose a dog. A weasel felt like the right thing for me because they tend to be small, underestimated and extremely curious and I sometimes feel the same way. On the other hand weasels are also ferocious, energetic and sometimes act like they're completely loopy. The latter of which fits me perfectly.

    I've always been a 'furry'. From the time I was little I felt like I had more in common with animals than I did with people. (I actually hated baby dolls when I was little. I much preferred stuffed animals. Other items usually had an animal theme, too.)

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    I did not "discover" mine. My fursona, Mukirr, started out as merely a creation of mine for an RPG that I played. The other characters I ran were more violent or more military minded, or more aggressive or more passive, (or other combinations of other those). Mukirr was more a representation of me. My personality, as grafted into the universe, in addition to the things that I wanted to be. Now, the species has changed slightly since I made him my fursona, but the same basic personality has remained the same. He started out as a tiger, which is basically what I took the Mrrshan to be, but he's slowly changing, as I work out the kinks. He's a Tiger/Fox, but since I haven't really seen how he'll look, I'm not really all that sure if I'll keep him that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harold42 View Post
    I feel like a wolf.
    No you don't, you just like wolves.

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    LI didn't really craft my fursona's personality, since his personality is mine, but with some traits exagerated. Actually, for me my fursona isn't so much a character, but a way to represent myself.

    As for how I crafted him, the first part was chosing the animal. Chosing to be a puppy was the easy part, as I think I see myself having a lot in common with dogs, personality wise. The breed, however, it took me a long time to settle on. In the end, it dawned on me that the bichon frisé was the obvious choice, not only because they are über cute (and they look like puppies there entire life) but also because the only dog I've ever bonded with was a bichon frisé, and I figured picking this breed would be a nice homage to his memory.
    His physical appearance? I wear glasses and my favourite colour is green... and, well, I guess that's pretty much it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorKitsune View Post
    No you don't, you just like wolves.
    Isn't that a bit uncalled for? It seemed pretty clear that all he meant was that he has traits or attributes that can be considered wolf-like and thus feels like a wolf in those ways. It's not like he outright stated that he thinks he is an animal inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorKitsune View Post
    No you don't, you just like wolves.
    Yeah I actually kinda do. I resemble them in many ways. I like meat, I like to hunt, I like to live in the snow, etc. I could go on with a long list but I have memory problems so they have been lost. I'm not schizophrenic and think I'm actually a wolf.

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    Anyway, my fursona is a hybrid fox/cat named Cobalt. He's pretty much a representation of myself as well as the person I admire or aspire to be like. I've given him all my best or favorite traits and then gave him a few traits and the personality that I only wish I had. I do sometimes "feel" like a fox or a cat at times. I'm a loner, like to sleep a lot, and am easily amused by simple things like a house cat might be.

    Another interesting point that I'd like to bring up is that some people (myself included) have multiple fursonas. My alternate fursona is a a kidfur cat that represents my more innocent, curious, and playful side and the traits that, as an adult, I can't really express irl anymore. I also feel obligated to mention that neither of my fursonas are babies or wear diapers. I may call myself a babyfur, but I usually try to keep the 2 interests (furry and AB/DL) separated when it comes to my 2 primary fursonas. I've been thinking of making a 3rd fursona that does combine them though.

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