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Thread: Makeshift Diapers?

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    Default Makeshift Diapers?

    What do you guys use when/if you have no diapers? Personally, I use toilet paper :P (which won't hold much)

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    I use toiletpaper or towels. Once I remember stuffing socks and other small clothes into my boxers to simulate diapers (one of my first occaisions I remember including diapers in some way ) I couldn't wet tho...

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    Back when I lived at home, I used to use a flat bed sheet (not the fitted sheet,,the one with the elastic corners). I would just stuff the sheet a little at a time into my undies and eventually it made for poofy undies which simulated diaper bulk rather well. But I couldn't wet it either,,,everyone knows bed sheets have 0 absorbency.

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    If you have some old towels around (like for drying off dogs or to use as rags. Almost every house has some) you can use those with a plastic bag trimed to be the outer plastic shell. You can wet them and then just rinse them off in the tub. If anyone asks why you have an soaking wet towel in the laundry, you had to clean up a large spill (left the sink running, water bowl, etc.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazzshepherd View Post
    I use a towel and diaper pins but I can't wet it.
    This is what I did when I was a kid. I'd pin on several towels, and then I'd stand in the bathtub and wet them when I was ready. One of my chores was doing laundry, so I'd just do a load of towels when I was done with my towel-diaper, and no one was the wiser.

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    Sometimes if I have no diapers I put a few linen dish towels in my undies, and use a kitchen-size trash bag as a liner. Simulates the feel of cloth diapers, and yes, I do wet them.

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    i used to use briefs with a lot of tp and paper towels

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    When I first started I would use a couple of towels and a pair of underwear. At first I couldn't wet without leaking, but later on I started using trash bags cut up to fit my needs and then I could wet.

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    atm I have drynites but if I cant get any i use the tutorial on the wiki

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