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Thread: Who knows anything about comic books?

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    Default Who knows anything about comic books?

    So I was at goodwill today and there was a large tub filled with comic books, maybe over a couple hundred, there were quite a few doubles. I thought about buying them to resell, but was unsure if it was worth it.

    Some of the ones I saw were like Spiderman, thor, x-men, ect... No superman or captain america. They were all from the early 80's a couple from the 70's and the rest were in the 90's and up.

    Should I have bought them? could I have made my money back? How can I tell for the future what to look for?

    One of them had an old TRON advertisement that caught my eye. It was dated 1983. But once again I know nothing about this stuff and not sure if I missed out on something big or made the right choice of walking away.

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    Just as a general answer, I'd say anything from the 90s on is unlikely to be worth much simply because too many people have been in a collecting for profit mindset. Older than that, it's possible, depending on the book and the condition. Trade paperback availability (reprints of popular runs collected in book format) have cut back on a lot of the desire for things that aren't truly rare. You might be able to make some sales online but I'd expect you'd have to delve into it quite a bit to find what things were realistically worth and to know how to describe their quality level for a more serious collector.

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    Anything from 1930-1960 will be your best bet for resell.

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