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    Hi I like diapers but my parents won't let me have them at all. I sneeak them in I ware the huggies girls goodnites l-xl size and I like them and yes I am a boy if you know any good hideing spots then let me know you can comment on it thank you.

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    Well hiya Goodnite288! Welcome to adisc! A lot of us have to sneak around our parents as well :P. Do you have any hobbies outside of *bdl? What do you do for fun? For hiding spots, I would suggest some place where no one would look, for me i hide it underneath the bottom drawer of my dresser, it's hollow there..

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    I like to hunt I don't know if that counts. Ya I have tried that and that did not work I dont know if my parents are cheaking there any more I have been cought before and now I am hideing them in my closet in a game box

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    I would say hunting counts, so you said you were caught? How'd that happen?

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    I hid them under my bed and my parents were snooping throw my room and found them then I went to hiding in my mattress and they found them there also and now it is harder to hide them cuz they go throw my room and I know when they do because my mattress is moved

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