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Thread: I need some info on boots nappies

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    Default I need some info on boots nappies

    i have decided that boots Boots Staydry Pull Up Briefs (Super Plus) are the nappies that i am going to buy, for reasons like they are easy for me to get, and they have self sevice cheak outs.

    but i do need some infomation first, from anyone that has any experience with them, and i think this would be useful for anyone in the uk that struggles to get adult nappies. I know that dispite the name, they do have taps to do up. my main questions are;

    what is the minimum size waist they can fit, they only say up to 52 inches?

    what do they look like, i have only seen the packet, so a description, or a link would really help

    please help, this could be relivant for anyone in the uk who cannot buy online

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    oh well I'm not certain this info helps as it's most likely completely outdated by now.
    last time I bough nappies from boots must have been at least 8 or 9 years ago.

    Back then I was staying longer in the UK than I had originally planned and wanted some nappies... boots was like the best / first place where I stumbled across any adult diapers in a normal store...
    Don't know the size thing... has been a while and I usually wear Medium for almost any nappy out there...
    I'm not really of a slender build, neither fat though... just not too tall and a little wide

    The "pull ups" were in fact tape-on nappies back then with some rather stretchy side panel... super plus I remember the other name part I don't.
    they were actually plain white and did fit quite ok. Not as good as a tena or abriform X-plus... but they didn't suck either.
    not the most absorbent diaper in town either... but again, there are worse.

    Honestly I was quite ok with them back then... but then again a product changes often, especially within such a time frame, so don't blame me if by now they're pink, thin like a piece of paper and just about as comfortable as boxers made from sanding paper...

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    thanks for the info, they do sound like the same kind, but as you say, it was a while ago, if you dont mind, what size waist were you

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    When I first started wearing I bought three packets from Boots. They did the job but were not brilliant. I bought the largest ones and were huge on me so went for medium in the end.

    I know people keep saying this but online is so much better and there are some great online stores in the Uk.

    Hope this helps

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    I wouldnt bother wasting your time with Boots nappies.....they're oversized, overpriced and underabsorbent....was just like wearing a stretchy clothy platic bag, ew!

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    i understand they are not the best quality, but i dont yet know of any other shop that i can get to that will sell adult nappies.(plus they have self service cheak outs). If you know any shops that do in the uk, that would be great. Im looking for one that have tapes on them, which the Boots Staydry Pull Up Briefs (Super Plus) do, despite the name.

    These types of nappies only come in one size, so i was trying to find out how how small they go, on your waist, as i need them quite small, and they say they go up to 53 inches

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridermeers View Post
    thanks for the info, they do sound like the same kind, but as you say, it was a while ago, if you dont mind, what size waist were you
    Of course... I don't mind
    it's Waist: 36 inches / Chest: 48" for me... (I'm about 5'10" and weigh approx. 76kg // 167 Pounds)...
    with most brands the Medium size fits perfectly... there have been a few odd diapers with odd measurements where I either did fit into small or into large.

    Again though I don't really remember what size I picked ...

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    I tried the tape on boots ones about 3 years ago. As said before they are oversized, very underabsorbant and very nasty. I suppose if you can get nothing else then you could get some just for the expeirience, but they really are terrible.

    My wasit back then was about 28-29".

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    cheers, when you say over sized, do you mean you couldnt get them tight enough

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    i've tried many brands over the years, and these were the biggest by far! but then they are one size I think, whilst every other manufacturer uses different sizes.

    they pretty much wrapped around me twice instead of once (the tapes kind of met right by my belly), and the fit was so bad and they were so thin they were useless.

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