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Thread: Question about onesie shrinkage

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    Default Question about onesie shrinkage

    Recently I bought a white cotton onesie from BabyPants on I got a medium and it's way too long. I know there have been threads before about various brands of onesies, but I was wondering if anyone has bought one from babypants and washed it enough to make it shrink to an acceptable size?


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    I actually just bought one this week, and if you just wash it with cold water and dry it for awhile it should shrink enough for a nice snug fit! Personally I washed mine and it was perfect! I have been wearing it all week!

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    A helpful link about shrinking clothes!

    As mentioned above, it suggests hot water and hot dryer, however when my parents were young and super tight skinny jeans were all the rage, the preferred method of making the denim super-skin-tight was to sit in a freezing cold bath for half an hour, then let them dry on your body.

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    I have a onesie from abena. They are made to fit snug on someone. It has some stretchable material and when you wash it, it shrinks back to it's nornal size. I've had mine for over a year and after leaky diapers, stretching them over abnormally huge diapers, they still fit snug without any holes or anything like that. They are great. They only come in white. But they are awesome. I got mine from XP Medical and had fast, prompt delivery.

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    i had a similar sizing issue a while back when i bought an adult onesie from my usual supplier. tried boiling, but it didn't shrink enough. i finally concluded that i'd have to cut and shorten the shoulder-straps part of the vest if it was to be any good at holding up a soggy nappy.
    luckily, i don't need it so, i haven't bothered altering it.

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    Thanks for the tips everyone! I washed it today and it's PERFECT!

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