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Thread: Crazy spur of the moment ideas

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    Default Crazy spur of the moment ideas

    The title says it all. I want to hear all of your spur of the moment ideas that you actually went through with. Why? Because being recklessly impulsive can be fun.
    I'll go first, just to break the ice.
    While I was at work I got the crazy idea to dye my hair pink. Now here I am, less than a day later, with bright pink hair. While not really reckless, it does fill out the impulsive requirement.

    Friends! Share your craziness with me!

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    Definitely went to the travel agent's office and booked a 2 week tour to England. I had been talking about it for about a year before hand but one day something just snapped. I dropped $4000 the next day and went the next month. My parents especially were surprised. I think it was at that moment that they realized that I was 18 and was perfectly able to make big decisions on my own. It probably wasn't best one to make as it was a $4000 decision, but it was an awesome experience and would definitely recommend crazy, spur of the moment, travel ideas.

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