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Thread: Glow in the Dark Diapers

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    Default Glow in the Dark Diapers

    I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be very safe, or cost efficient, or both, but I thought of that today. What do you think about glow in the dark diapers? What if they WERE safe?

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    Well, realistically, probably would do too well. They'd be cool to see, but it would be hard to hide them, especially at night. As a novelty item they might do alright though (and as a prank gift for someone maybe) *shrugs*

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    I can just see that... Pledge Night.. Streaks of light in the darkness.... can't get a good night sleep because of my glowing backside.... Radiation Blasting my nether regions(too late.. already wrecked)....

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    umm. there is a difference in materials... Glow sticks.. chemical reaction..... glow in the dark solids.... radioactive

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    I think that would be an awesome item to have! They sound like you could have a lot of fun with them, (in the dark of course lolz).

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    It kind of sounds like a stupid idea in a way. Hiding them in the dark could be a problem, especially if they somehow manage to glow bright enough that it shows somewhat through your pjs (which is probably unlikely anyways) or the sides of the diaper on top glow and your diaper is sticking out and someone just happens to notice them.

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    Depends on what you're talking about. The materials commonly called "glow in the dark" are actually phosphorescent. The material is excited by light, and slowly emits light of a longer wavelength, decaying exponentially. (If anyone cares, the reason it takes so long to completely decay is because the excited electron must change spin states by intersystem crossing) Truly self-luminescent materials are either radioluminescent or chemoluminescent, the difference being the origin of the excited states: either ionizing radiation from a radioactive material, or a chemical reaction. Probably only phosphorescent materials could be used in a safe or practical manner, likely mixed into the plastic cover.

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    I think we should just stick to the ideas of colored diapers before we move into the realm of glow-in-the-dark diapers. I think it's a neat idea but very impractical, I'd just prefer a nice blue or green, or another soft colored diaper

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    which would imply a radiological origin... note, I can see my flourescent lights still glowing for several minutes after they are shut off.. needless to say, they would definitely burn bright.. wonder how it would look under white clothing

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