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Thread: Social Class?

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    Question Social Class?

    Just wondering if this had anything to do with abdlism. The social class we are all in.

    At first I was just thinking how much money, but that wouldn't really make much sense. I mean - A mother and son who makes 60,000 USD a year would be much better off than a family of 10 who makes 100,000 USD, even though the family of 10 seems to have more, because the number is higher.

    I was also thinking too, how money may be linked to social status. If you can afford to be put into a whole bunch of activities, you may have more friends, and you wouldn't have time for this. Or if you are from a very prestigious family, and something like this wasn't mentioned (Nor was anything else taboo - for that matter) would it even cross your mind?

    So I am making a poll just out of curiousity. Personally, I have only ever really talked to *B/DLs in the lower-middle class range. I have only met 1 person who was high class. (Of course, based on people I have gotten close to, and actually discussed these things with.)

    PS... this poll is PRIVATE. (The votes are NOT public) so feel free to vote honestly... no one will know unless you say so.

    As for me... I grew up lower-class... my mom was single and young. But even though she had no money, my Grama was always there so we appeared to have quite a bit of things, and I always got what I want. However, once my mom got her act together things got much better. Now - We would be considered middle class.

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    Footed P.J.


    My upbringing was a little bizarre, I think. My parents are social workers, but my current father didn't come along 'til I was 14 (I am 32 now and on my own). My biological father, a law student, had a stroke in 1982 and passed away when I was about 14, in 1990. My mother took an enormous amount of energy in taking care of him, and for me, which in itself is not easy, as I have a demanding disability called spina bifida. When my mother remarried, and my bio father passed, we became more stable moneywise by a longshot. My parents are lucky enough to live in an upper-mid to upper class town in southern California that is world renowned for its horse track (Del Mar). I suppose they would qualify as middle class, but only because of pensions that I am eligible for, and help they have from my uncle, a bank VP in St. Louis.

    As for my diaper fetish, I only discovered it a couple years ago. As for my footed PJ fetish, I don't know. I knew about it ever since I was a preteen, having two babysitters who had daughters roughly my age who wore footed PJs whenever I was there. One family was middle class, but with no husband. The other was upper mid, but the parents have since divorced.

    Not sure if any of that answers your question or concern, but that's my DL history, I guess.

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    I'm working class. I have no idea if this really means anything on a website with people from all over the world.

    But middle class people sound all posh. Think about American TV, where you have really annoying "British" (often American actors) people speaking poshly, and acting all stereotypical, that's like middle class. Working class is more scumbag than that.

    They say that you are working class if you call it a serviette, and middle/upper class if it's a napkin.

    I live in a town that used to be big in cotton cloth manufacture, and my (great) grandparents worked in the mills, or down the pit. So that makes me working class.

    I guess you are more likely to be of a lower class if you are a TB/DL etc. I tend to see higher class people as being less opened minded about sexual stuff, it's more of a big deal. But then lower class people can often be very closed minded too. So I have no idea.

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    Little ollie


    Myself Lower to middle class unless i am at my dad's which is upper class. All my mates are lower class and I prefer those people to be honest.

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    i think the population of the internet is probably about 99.999% middle-class, so that's probably what your results will look like. poor people can't afford computers, and rich people are too busy giving dinner parties and going on caribbean cruises to mingle with the riff-raff online.

    personally i'm dirt poor but i come from a middle-class family. i'd say we were upper-middle while i was growing up. we lived in a fairly large house on three wooded acres in the countryside outside of town, and my dad worked for the state government. now that my parents are divorced my mom is more in the lower-middle-class bracket but she still lives pretty comfortably.

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    We are middle class...I don't know if it's upper or lower though...Where we live, it's more expensive then a good deal of places around here I think...But it's also cheaper than a lot...So who knows

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    You make a good point, Charlie.

    How I see it is:
    Upper Class being the rich, famous, and all that jazz.
    Middle Class what you would call "Working Class" where you still get what you need, and have that little bit extra to spend.
    Lower Class: lower paying jobs, welfare, etc... Where you can really only afford what you need.

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    You could consider me to be upper class, I think. My parent's make a good amount of money, we go on a lot of vacations, and my parent's are paying for me to go to college.

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    My background is mixed.

    When I was born my parents were lower middle class... my biological father was a policeman and my mother worked in a hosiery mill.

    My mom got a new job at a doctors office when I was 5-ish... so that bumped us up some... but then my parents got divorced when I was 13... so that brought us down.

    I went through high-school in what I would consider the lower class. We had a little house, my mom had a car, and I had a truck... but that was about it. I got my first job the day I turned 16 and was working 20-30 hours a week during the school year and 40-50 hours a week during the summers. My mom didn't make me pay any bills... but I was responcible for my own food, gas, and clothing.

    Then things changed... my mom got re-married during my senior year of HS. My stepdad is a doctor... plenty of money. I got a new truck... then a new car... had a lot of nice stuff. It was pretty cool... but I felt out-of-touch with my roots. When I left for college my parents got a big house on the lake in a ritzy neighborhood.

    Now I'm on my own... definately lower class... trying to get by these last couple of years hasn't been very easy. Trying to keep two people going on what basicly amounts to one person's pay is no fun. It's stressful... but we both do what we can (and what we have to) to make ends meet.

    Hopefully this will change for us soon. But no matter where I go I will stay true to my roots... I'm a hard workin' redneck... and proud of it. I don't need all these fancy clothes and high-society friends. I've got all I ever need in LuvsGurl... so as long as we can make it I'm happy.

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