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Thread: Starting to wet myself for the first time

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    Default Starting to wet myself for the first time

    Hi, I have some gastro-intestinal disease right know which is causing me to have ALOT of gas and such. Well now i am finding that when i fart (even though i try not to) I start to wet myself. Once the wetting starts its very hard to stop and i usually just soak my pants. I am 15 and a freshman in high school so you know I don't want people to find out. I wet the bed last night because of this and wet today at school. Luckily nobody noticed cause i was wearing jeans. I really want diapers for this but i cant get them and am afraid to ask or show my parents. And with school wearing a diaper would be humiliating especially because gym is mandatory and we are in swimming right now where you do not only need to strip down to your underwear but take everything off. Should I tell my parents? Has any one else has this problem?

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    Only thing I can suggest is to go to the toilet as often as you can. Maybe stuff some tissue paper down your undies just incase you dribble a bit. Its not a perfect solution but might just see you through these tough times. Good luck

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    I guess you should try to empty your bladder as ofter as possible. Might help having your bladder empty as often as possible.
    I usually do it after every class period. Might work for you, might not.
    Oh, and question:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zip View Post
    ...because gym is mandatory and we are in swimming right now where you do not only need to strip down to your underwear but take everything off.
    By striping off everything I assume you mean to change into another set of swim cloths o.O?
    I'm really tired and I might be reading that wrong but... just wondering x.x

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    As embarrising as it may be, you need to tell your parents dude. They can help you.
    You could wear pullups to school, and wear boxers over them. When swimming time comes along you could pull off the boxers and pull up all at once.

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    I agree with Powderhair, I could not have put it better myself. Sound advice :3

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    As sound advise has already been given by Powderhair, it can't be stressed enough, talk with your parents and if need be seek medical advise. If you keep wetting at night your parents will end up finding out because it will be hard to hide a damaged mattress so it's best to deal with it quickly and even though you may feel embarrassed about it, it will be hard and more embarrassing trying to explain the damage.

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