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Thread: Why can't I be happy with what I have?

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    Question Why can't I be happy with what I have?

    Just when I have things figured out they get mixed up yet again. For the past five years I have been using pull-ups to help manage daytime incontinence. Before that time I thought of myself as a DL and would regularly buy them to fulfill that side of me.I started out using Goodnites because I was right on the edge of the sizing guidelines, I'm about 5'4”and 128 lbs, and I felt more comfortable buying them then the adult versions. Shortly after I transitioned over to the Curity Sleep Pants because I had heard they were slightly better than the Goodnites, and I could get more bang for my buck.

    After using them for around six months I talked with my Social Worker and they said my Medical Assistance would cover the cost of the pull-ups. I was super excited because now I was no longer having to pay for them out of my own pocket. I used the Sleep Pants for nearly two years before they leaked a couple times and I freaked out. Called my medical supply company and we went through a few samples before deciding on the Tranquility Select pull-up small size.

    Been using these now for about a year with no major problems. When I opened the latest pack I noticed they seemed a bit large on me even though they are listed as a small. It could be that I have lost a little weight or they might have changed the fit just a bit.

    I am thinking of switching back to the Sleep Pants, but I am afraid I am reading too much into the size difference or if my DL side might be having a larger affect than I would like to admit.

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    Ultimately if you are dealing with daytime accidents using a diaper that is comfortable to you and one that you are used to is normally a safe bet, I know us DL's sometimes want to try every diaper we can find, but I think everyone has that one diaper that they feel most comfortable with and what ever that may be for you, stick with it, so that way your not worried about leaks.

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    Wear what is best for preventing leaks and what is most comfortable for you. As far as comfort is concerned, I don't see it as being much different from choosing Hanes vs. FTL, briefs vs. boxers vs. boxer briefs. It's your underwear, so you get to choose it. If there's something off with the fit of your old brand and you don't like it, by all means try something else. If you'd just plain like to try another brand for some variety, there's nothing wrong with that.

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    I agree with natattack and tygon. Although I'm not incontinent. If I were to have to wear diapers for need during the day I would definetly go with the pull up that I liked the best and I was more comfortable with and probably try a bunch of different kinds. But that's just me. You should go back to the curity sleep pants if u feel more comfortable with them instead. or maybe put some booster pads inside the curity sleep pants just incase they don't leak on you. Go with what works best for you. goodluck

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    Thanks for the advice. I ordered a sample pack to see what the verdict is.

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    Find what you're comfortable with and what will make you happy. If you've got something that works and something you're comfortable with, rock it! If you're unsure, keep trying till you find the perfect fit! Let your inner Goldilocks free, if it's too big or too small or not cute enough? Move on. If you've got something you like enjoy yourself. I have to wear them because of a car accident and issues with MS, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to be as happy and comfy as possible! And if they're cute? Even better. Don't worry about why just be happy with what you like!!!

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    Companies do change there products design, it's not always a big change, but some people do notice it more.

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