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    Just posting so that I'm not a "lurker". I'm 36 & am experiencing increasingly frequent bedwetting episodes, especially after drinking. I have always had what I guess you would consider a weak bladder. I have even had a couple daytime accidents so I am interested in learning about what's going on with me.

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    Welcome to the site. I'm not incontinent myself (quite the reverse) but whether experienced or not, no one here is going to try to treat a medical problem over the Internet. I'm sure it's very distressing to have even less control than perhaps you were used to. Have you seen a doctor about your situation?
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    I second Trevor - you need to see a doctor if you have suddenly started bedwetting. This is a forum site - not a substitute for a qualified professional.
    Other than that, welcome to ADISC and I look forward to seeing you around.

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    Yet is IS a support forum and there are those of us that have no problem (and are incontinent) helping you with any questions on advice. Getting checked out is definitely the first priority tho since incontinence is a symptom of another problem. From what you described so far, it could still me too many things and needs to get checked first.

    Find a good urologist! There are many experiences people have mentioned (myself included) where the urologist basically doesn't give a damn and just wants to push meds or more 'procedures' than necessary. Especially if you have insurance. You need the your problem fixed, not just treated like a future set of golf clubs for that 'doc'.

    There are several helpful people in the Incontinence section. Feel free to ask anything. As said before, we're not doctors and don't give medical advice but we've been through just about everything you could expect from med visits and then some. Since one of the possible problems (well, a couple actually) are potentially life threatening, I'd suggest going to see a doc asap. Hopefully it's nothing bad but better safe than sorry.

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