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Thread: Programming Language

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    Default Programming Language

    How many people here know a Programming Language? You know like PHP, Visual Basic, C#, C++, Java, C, etc.

    I myself know C#, PHP, Visual Basic, and HTML.

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    Your topic seems to be quite dead, so I'll comment even though I don't truly know any programming languages.

    I understand php and html, but I could never write it myself without something or someone helping me.

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    I've studied C++ for last 3 years in High school, but never learned a lot.

    Now, at uni, I've studied a bit of HTML.

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    Currently I'm working as a software engineer. So yeah, I know a few .

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    C, C++, perl, a bit of VB6, as bit of sql, working on learning python

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    I know C++, C#,, VB6, TI-Basic, Java. Would like to learn more assembler, python and haskell.

    btw, here's a cool programming website Lambda the Ultimate | Programming Languages Weblog

    PS: Hi Jamesy!!

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    I've started learning C++, something to do over the summer.

    I guess I almost half know html, just from using myspace .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Jake View Post
    #include <iostream.h>

    cout << "Hello world!";
    return 0;
    That's code is almost 10 years old . We got rid of iostream.h when the standard was released in '98.

    EDIT: Hope that didn't come off as mean, just thought I'd mention .
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    I know a little about C++ and BASIC. Can't say I've mastered either one.

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