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    Well, last night was rather interesting.

    A friend and I decided to go out for dinner, but we couldn't decide what we wanted (which happens quite often, since I don't like many veggies, and she's a vegi-lover). She offered to cook burgers and fries for us, and I was certainly not in the mood to turn down such a wonderful offer of food (or the chance to hang out at her place for a while).

    While we were wandering the grocery store getting a few things for the burgers she asked if I like fruit. Of course I like fruit, and I told her so, and all she said was that she had something she wanted me to try, and she headed over to the 'baby needs' aisle.

    She told me I needed to try some of the fruit baby food (we ended up getting two each, tropical fruit mix and cherry-apple for me, banana and fruit medley for her). I didn't really want to seem that eager, so I made her work a bit to convince me.

    On the way back to her house I asked her how she knew she liked the stuff- hoping that she would say something that would lead me to a conclusion about her being one of us, or at least curious- and she said that she'd just always had younger siblings around, and because of that there had (up until the last 2-3 years) been jars of baby food lying around the house. When she was young her mom had let her try some, and since then she'd just kept asking for it on occasion. She said she just thinks of it as a fruit pudding now.

    So we spent the night after dinner in her room, watching youtube videos and feeding each other baby food. Quite an enjoyable night, though it certainly wasn't how I expected the night to go.

    In case you were curious, I really liked the tropical fruit mix, the banana was alright, but the fruit medley (her favorite) and the cherry-apple were kind of bland.

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    Well, maybe you have missed an opportunity to throw a hint.

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    Probably, but that's been the story of my life with this girl. I'll avoid saying things to keep from seeming like I'm coming on too strong.

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    Mmmm. Those are really good. I also like the teething cookies, but my wisdom teeth are coming in so I've been nomming on things lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleStrawberry View Post
    Mmmm. Those are really good.
    Have a particular favorite you'd recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by battlemage View Post
    Have a particular favorite you'd recommend?
    I don't remember where I picked it up but there was an apple cranberry one and a pumpkin pie flavor. Those were amazing. I found a cherry granola flavor that was kind of fun, too. Apple blueberry and apple strawberry were pretty good. There's a blueberry pie as well. Basically it's all up to looking at flavors and considering what you may like then trying it. Some are pretty good. I like them because they're not as overly sweet as regular fruit things.

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