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Thread: Holding Your Bladder

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    Default Holding Your Bladder

    I was just wondering that if you held pee in what ehhects it could have. I know it causes health issues I just don't know what. Will it make you wet yourself?

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    It is really a bad idea holding your bladder. It does cause health issues and serious problems. For all you know your kidneys might pop
    like Grandpa Simpson. I wouldnt do it if i were you and if you want to stay ok. And im pretty sure youll wet yourself but youll feel pain on your sides
    and it would take a while. If your just trying to wet why dont you just let it go. I dont really see what difference it would make. Dont DO IT MAN >.<

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    I don't think it causes health issues. But instead makes your bladder stronger. Why would you want to hold your pee anyways. It hurts, but I think eventually your bladder will force it out.

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    I keep it in my pelvis so I can keep something important to me near something that sounds like Elvis. It'd probably hurt to hold it in your hands, especially if you bite your nails.

    Chomp chomp

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    Andrew you are confusing that with a technique i heard once. Its where you let a little out and hold back for a bit and let go and repeat but its used to prevent inco in the future but its not like a 5min holding its 2 sec hold 2 sec go. If you hold it in for a long time it will hurt you.

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    Heres a very detailed paragraph that shows the effects of holding in your bladder. I did not write this merely using it as a way of showing someone what would happen if they hold in their Bladder :p
    Holding urine longer than necessary can lead to several urinary related problems, including urinary or bladder infection and kidney disease. When urine is allowed to sit in the bladder for long periods it can develop high levels of bacteria that may lead to these infections. A urinary tract infections—or UTI—can lead to the more serious bladder and kidney infections. These conditions are characterized by symptoms such as pain during urination, persistent need to urinate, fever, chills and stomach pain

    Read more: Side Effects of Holding a Bladder | Side Effects of Holding a Bladder |

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    Just don't, last week on my way to one of my classes I decided to treat myself to a Grande mocha, so I could stay awake for the rest of the day and naturally after sucking down 12oz I needed to use the washroom. I wasn't wearing a diaper that day because my room mate had ruined our dryer (long story) so I couldn't wash my cloth nappies and I definitely couldn't leave my desk that day because the lecture was extremely important for my thesis paper, so being silly I tried to hold it..... For NINETY MINTUES >_<

    I didn't have an accident in my pants (Thank the gods), but my bladder hurt horribly for the next couple days and I thought I had seriously messed something up by holding it for so long or at least developed an infection. It's not going to kill you, but I wouldn't do it personally. Trust me, it's not a nice feeling at all.

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    I agree holding it for a long time is a horrible idea, granted I'm a bit of a hypocrite (I've done it too many times, mostly due to not wanting to get up and go or forgetting xD), but too long and your sides will hurt like hell for awhile. Usually I have to walk hunched to deal with the pain, and it can last (at times) at least a few hours.

    It is not fun AT ALL.

    (also, this thread could be possibly against the rules)

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    When I was in grade school, I did not want to use the toilets at the school, so I held it in for the entire school day, and often even longer. I would go only twice a day once when I woke up, and once before I went to bed. It really didn't do anything but strengthen it. I continued this through middle school and high school, and it only further strengthened it. However, whenever I would go before bed, it sounded like a firehose going off because I had held it for so long! I have never had any medical problems because of this, but I still find it hard to go sometimes when I only have a small amount to excrete. My friends back then said that I have a bladder of iron. I no longer do this, but the Iron Bladder still exists inside me. However, iron rusts, and I think it will show problems in the future.

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