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Thread: have i left it too late!?

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    Default have i left it too late!?

    It's been 7 years since I started going out with my girlfriend, I've been keeping my nappy wearing secret for all this time, have I left it too long, I really want to tell her but i'm scared of her reaction. We've been living together for some do I go about it....she's in bed right now and I'm downstairs with a comfy tena slip on...I really want to get in bed and cuddle up to her wearing it((if only)
    I know if i tell her she'd probably be a bit disturbed, oh how i wish I could read minds!!

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    i would say handle with care. i have kinda discussed it with girlfriends in the past. for me tho its them i want to wear them. I always approached it with like role play ideas. hard to explain but i will say i may have had shocked and confused reactions but i would say over all quite positive. U may be suprised by what she says. but really handle with care.

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    I know how difficult it is, but at some point, if you plan for the relationship to go further, you have to tell her. You're just delaying the inevitable, and telling her is far better than her finding out on her own. Women don't like having things kept from them.

    How have you managed not to get caught? My girlfriend is always patting my butt or sticking her hands in my shorts; when I'm wearing, she knows it!

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    thanks guys, i've got to tell her soon cos i'm going mad!
    i'm so tired now i might just go to bed wearing...

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    Yes, I would be careful and go slowly with a few "what do you think about role playing or.. what do you think about people who want to wear diapers?" I didn't tell my wife until three years ago, and it went very well, but everyone is different. You know your girlfriend best.

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    Only you can make that decision. You can predict her possible reaction better then anybody. The only advice I can give you is please dont let her catch you in the act! This will most definitly will not end will. Imagine the shock to her. Come up with some sort of game plan or scenario. Dont just bring it out all of a sudden. How open is she? Makea conversation about odd things, fetishes, people are into and mention it to get her reaction. And take it slow and dont expect her to understand or push anything on her if she does accept it. Respect is the key. Its great coming clean, big burden if you can pull it off succesfully. Ive been there. Basically, timing is the key to success. You dont want to wait to long into the relationship to tell her. Like 20 years, but you dont want to bring it up to quick neither. (And im sure I will get some disagreements on that) But this is all from personal experience. If it helps, my wife told me she was glad I shared it with her although accepting, she doesnt understand it. But she said if I would have told her when we first started getting serious, she would have most likely ran. Big decision, but its not fair to hide it from her forever. If you were meant to be together then this will just be a speed bump. I can tell you this, it has made me and my wife closer then I think we would have ever gotten if I had never told her. Good Luck! And keep us updated.

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    From a guy whose wife found out years later...tell her now or, if she is life-mate material, stop wearing forever.
    She would be far more accepting (she says) had I just said so up front and not had her find out by discovering my duffle bag full of cloth diapers and plastic pants.
    I now do not wear...sadly. Is..the way it is... *sigh*

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    Maybe try approaching it as 'something you'd like to try' rather than 'I've been doing this for 7 years and now I want you to be involved'
    She might be more comfortable if it seems like your both approaching it with an open mind

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    First, congratulations on seven years of love and pain! Most relationships I see last 7 months at most.

    Second, if you truly know your partner, you know you can share anything. Is it too late? Nah, never too late, son.

    Third, ease into it. It won't be the end-all. In fact, she may love you even more for being open and honest, a trait many nice women want in men.
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    First of all, I am impressed that you managed to keep that as a secret for that long. I couldn't... so anyway, like what others had said, handle with care. Also, I advised this to others same way - just try to bring up topic of fetishes into the conversation and casually mention diapers and see what her reaction would be to that... then you can get the idea what she will react to the fact you wear them. Hopefully it goes well for you.

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