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Thread: Parents Gone, Diapers On :)

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    Default Parents Gone, Diapers On :)

    My parents are gone for the day, and night, as well as my sister. Now, I have decided to live this to the fullest advantage. I'm double diapered, going about my business, making dinner, taking care of a dog, etc. It is a wonderful, free, feeling. I'll post more here as the night progresses.

    Share your similar story, I'd love to hear it

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    my parents are leaving in a few hours for a while so then i will diaper up.

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    Yay! Have fun I remember way back when I still lived in my parents house, they would go away for a weekend and I'd diaper up practically the whole time

    Good times.


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    Ok, I've "used" my diaper, now I'm gonna take a shower. Next, dance like an idiot! :P

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    Enjoy it Ben days like yours are far short of a dime a dozen, or atleast for me anyway. I normally do this whenever I'm home alone which on average is about once a month.
    Hope your having fun

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    That sounds fun! Enjoy it man =o

    I wish i still had some Goodnites left T^T

    I only wear mine At night or in the morning, parents dont even notice. x3

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    Lulz, Im waiting for june... My little brother has a travel baseball game out in kentucky... 12 HOURS FROM OUR HOUSE!!!

    My parents are going to let me stay home alone, and they will be gone for 3 days...

    You can guess what Ill be doing during those days :3

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    Night has come, and I am diapered, in bed, with a paci. Wonderful night

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