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    I have a cold and an interesting effect of this is that I've been craving AB gear. I wish I had a footed sleeper or a printed onesie or something.

    I'm not craving diapers (I have those and aren't even wearing them at the moment), just AB gear. Unfortunately I don't really have any

    I have a plain white onesie, but I'm craving something printed and cute and kiddish. Once I'm over this cold I'll have to buy some things so that next time I'm prepared

    Does anyone else crave comfort things like this when sick?

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    I think I usually crave to be better...But I don't that that sick that often (knock on wood)

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    I always crave a footed sleeper when im cold lol, they just look so comfy and warm

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    when I'm sick I just lay in bed with my teddy bear... diapers are a must, even if you're not in them 24/7... why drag yourself out of bed to go potty?

    Other than that... I want some onesies... just b/c they look cute... I just haven't bought any yet.

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    I've wanted a footed sleeper for ages. They look so nice and warm, and cuddly.

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    Same goes for me really.. I haven't been ill enough to crave for my bed in years, but as for everyone above me, the idea of a footed pyjama is really appealing , as soon as I have my own place in a few years that'll be the first thing to order from the internet!

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    i always need my teddy bears when sick, but thats it ^^

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    I always crave LG things when I am sick. I want my daddy, and I want a footed sleeper, and a diaper...

    Yeah - I'm a big baby when I'm sick.

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    There is nothing like a sleeper when your have a cold or just not feeling good, there so warm and comfy.

    I don't get sick much because I believe is dressing properly for the weather, In fact I don't believe I had a cold in a few years.

    But that don't stop me from wearing my sleeper every chance I get, we had a few cool nights last week the night temps were in the 40's, you can bet I had my sleeper on untill it warmed up.

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    baby kiffer


    Well, wetterkitty, you're body is stressed...I'm not at all surprised you have a larger craving for childish paraphernalia.

    Stress is proven to be the root of all illnesses, and it would seem that most of the world would associate illness with earlier periods of their lives (when mommy and daddy would care for you)...and for this community, I am sure it goes even farther back.

    When I'm sick, I definitely wish to diaper up and lay in bed all day.

    On a side note...I am no doctor, but...I would consider thinking about what has been stressing you lately. Now that you are resting, try thinking about how you could resolve that issue; it may have been the stress that caused your cold in the first place. It's always worked for me.

    Usually, after I realize what has been stressing me, and I begin to work at it, my illness disappears very quickly (usually one-two days after symptoms appear).

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