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Thread: Favorite Winter Hobbies?

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    Default Favorite Winter Hobbies?

    Hey all i was wondering what is your favorite hobby in the winter?

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    Ill go First
    mine is to go Snowboarding, snowmobiling and making hot chocolate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Primarily World of Warcraft and beer. Also, hockey.
    wow and beer and not dependent on winter...

    and lone wolf, snowboarding? skiing is way more of an adrenalin rush. :P

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    Keeping warm! If you could consider that a hobby.

    Other than that, nothing really. I'm just so used to going to school or whatever in the middle of winter that I didn't really do much else other than study.

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    Sitting inside, watching movies, beer, sleeping, working, computer time...'s almost -50 with the windchill today. I should just call in sick or something...

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    Reading by the fire, or going for a walk in the cold.
    There is a cliff near my house that looks out at the sea, and I really love that place. It's got a great view. I go to that place in winter often to think about whatevers on my mind.

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