Hello out there. I haven't been around for a while. I am a cloth over-night diaper wearer for bed wetting. After some research , I thought I had a worked out a good solution for my issue; a comfortable, non-bulky cloth diaper and cover for overnight that could hold up to 30 oz of liquid (I'm border line adult onset diabetic meaning that simple liquid restriction doesn't work too well, so I put out between 15 and 30 oz overnight) and not leak. I found Snap-EZ 4 Life size large pocket diapers with a stuff arrangement of my own devise did the job nicely. However, Snap-EZ is ending their business and there is no new owner in the offing. After two years, my original stash of diapers is getting tired, so I'm on the prowl for some new dipes!
My interests are: cloth diapers, covers and baby clothes (hey, I grew up in the 60's), incontinence, bed wetting, blood sugar control-weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I have some adult clothes for work, etc. but a lot of my wardrobe is onsies, a couple of sleepers and play jumpsuits. XOX Kelly .