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Thread: short vid of wolf costume

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    Default short vid of wolf costume

    I thought this was pretty cool. It's far from perfect (the face looks a bit weird) but really, it's pretty awesome for a fur-suit.

    Realistic 4-legged wolf costume. [VIDEO]

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    I've seen this one before. I thought it was pretty darn awesome. Nice coloring in the fur, and just the whole concept. I wonder if the person in the suit gets a sore back after a while.

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    Pretty cool! I thought the front legs seemed kind of weird, but still...making a quad suit takes a lot of engineering. People just aren't built the same way as animals so it's not simple.

    I thought the 'poke the cat' bit was cute. The cat was just like "Wat? Get of of me!"

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    Impressive! I can only imagine the amount of work it took to make that :p

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    I want one!

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