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Thread: Do Diapers Stretch? Or to the tapes become undone?

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    Default Do Diapers Stretch? Or to the tapes become undone?

    After being a DL for many years and trying numerous brands of diapers I've always found that no matter what diaper I wear to bed and how tightly I did it... they become loser in the mornings. I find myself constantly re-adjusting the tapes trough the day (I gots no hips) and well it had little to do with my pee in the diaper. I'm just wondering if the problem is the diaper stretching or the tapes becoming undone?

    EDIT: Forgot to add the only way to like keep a diaper on after a while is to just wear some undies over them. Helps keep them in place I guess since the undies have a waist hand and supports the diaper. But having a soggy diaper is fun too..
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    I've had the same problem, like you no matter how well or tightly I diaper myself the diaper always needs adjustment. I personally think it's due to the materials of the diaper, like plastic and other loosely formed fibers. Since the diaper is meant to be soft and comfortable the materials have a better chance of warping or stretching. Tougher, less comfortable materials and plastics are much less likely to stretch because they're harder and/or thicker for the purpose they serve.

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    When I sleep in Goodnites the waist seems to stretch.

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    the plastic will stretch after a while. I found wearing boxer briefs over them is actually really comfortable & keeps em in place quite well. I can keep the diaper just a little lose so it dose not cut into my legs making it even more comfortable.

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    In wear a pair of Tena stretch pants over my diapers which seem to stop the stretching.

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    My Super Dry Kids always stretch after wearing them for a while. Unfortunately, the tapes are so strong that I can't even readjust them without damaging the diaper. Wearing pants is definitely the easiest solution to this problem.

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    I can't say that all diapers stretch a bit overnight, but all the ones I've tried thus far do. My solution is to get diapered up right before going to bed, while lying down and all that fun stuff. It makes for a better initial fit, and you can pull the tapes fairly tight before fastening them.

    Once I've woken up in the morning, i'll go if I have to, then lie back down and adjust the tapes to accommodate for the overnight stretching. I've been using Abenas lately (got a sweeeeeet deal on a case), so all I have to do is pull up the white portion of the tape and reapply once I've got it pulled tight.

    Something else I do is I always start with the bottom tapes, not sure if that makes a difference or not, but you could experiment.

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    I wear an M4 during the day and make a point of retaping the lowers if worn for awhile. They usually stretch just enough to move the 2nd tape in past the first, so about 1". It never stretches after that though. I tried pre-stretching it as someone here had suggested, without success. Once stretched and retaped though, the material of course has no more flex/give to it, so the diaper can pinch if you move in a way that would normally cause the diaper to stretch and then contract, since it can't stretch anymore. Too bad the teddy stretchy tapes weren't more durable, they seemed like a shot at fixing that problem.

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    I think that "pants over" has to be the answer. I think I mentioned having to wear a Tena nappy a little while back and trying to jog half a mile to a bus stop. Bad choice. By the time I had chance to change it was halfway to my knees...!

    I don't think it's a factor of plastic or cloth: I have the same problem with plastic-backed Tenas, cloth-effect disposables (from a French hypermarket) and proper terry nappies. It's more likely that I have love handles just above my hips and it's impossible to hook the nappy over the hip bone to keep it there



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    I've found this to be far more of an issue with the Abenas than Molicare. I think I'm one of the few around here that prefer Molicare though.

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