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    Default Most expanding diaper

    What type of diaper expands the most when wet?

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    Bambinos, Abena X-Plus are probably the most noticeable to me.

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    Grain of salt but XP Medical's tests show thickness as:

    Abena X-Plus: dry .5" wet 1.4" (280% increase)
    Molicare SuperPlus: dry .4" wet 1.4" (350% increase)
    Dry 24/7: dry .5" wet 2" (400% increase)

    Like I said though, grain of salt. Imperial units aren't that accurate, I would prefer millimeters. I'm sure there's also some variance from product to product. Also of course, doesn't include Bambino.

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    The Wellness diaper swells up quite a bit when they are wet too!!!!!

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    I'd assume that Abena, Bambino, and Dry 24/7 do!

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    I was thinking about what makes a diaper swell, is it sap or is it pulp? I'm thinking sap maybe more, but probably a more important factor is simply how much the diaper is compressed for packaging. I've got 4 bambino medium originals that have been sitting on the shelf here for almost 2 yrs, and they're easily twice their original thickness now. Take two thick diapers and compress one. Equally wet both and they will probably both end up the same size, the water decompresses them. So it makes the compressed diaper swell more, without any real change in the diaper besides relaxation time.

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