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    i just realized i haven't posted anything in this new area so here we go with a clean chalkboard.
    hi my name's kite. i'm 24 years old and reside in the new england area. i love electronic music, but my skills as a dj and/or producer are only bedroom worthy.
    i found out about my love of diapers when i was 10 years old. i remember playing with one of my sisters' diapers and i became intrigued so like any normal person i tried wearing one... yup.
    long story short, that didn't go so well, but little did i know it that the sensation and feeling it gave me would last. i didn't use diapers again until a few years later when i was about 14. one of my parents and i moved into a new home and i started to feel separated emotionally so i started stealing diapers from the local pharmacy (bad, i know ). the feeling was exhilarating and they gave me a feeling of comfort and warmth i haven't remembered feeling before. on through the years i would continue getting diapers where possible. even once i grabbed one from the local park trash before dawn when heading to school. after i got a job i started buying generics, but i came upon the issue of getting caught. whether it was the time my father wanted to have a heart to heart after verbally degrading me or my parents thinking that the odor of urine was coming from a piece of tape. i've had my fare share of close calls.
    over the last couple of years though i've had things diaper related fall in line for me. i've met some great friends on tbdl/ (you know who you are ) and i also have a fiance that accepts me for wearing diapers.
    although my days vary and i am currently under a process of eviction i feel like i've been having a good life recently. well, better than what i had when i was growing up. i'm slowly becoming my own individual.
    all in all i really can say i'm proud to put a diaper on and tell the world they can kiss my diapered behind if they don't like it.
    ...and that's me in a nutshell peoples.

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    Errrr, A very belated welcome to the site, always nice to start with a new slate, I just wish it wouldn't be a such a high cost (possibly losing the old site), well, anyways, welcome back.....

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    Well in doing my rounds with saying welcome back I can't mis you can I (as I can't mis anyone else :p)

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    Hey kite, just wanted to welcome you back to the forums and hope to see you around.

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    YAY, hey man! Welcome back!


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    Hey diapertb! Glad to see you back! Hope to see you around!

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    about the eviction, but about your accepting fiancee. Nice to have you back

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    Welcome back, DEWD!!!! Good to see ya!

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