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Thread: FedEx is completely worthless...

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    Default FedEx is completely worthless...

    Just like EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME they have to deliver anything to my house, they get lost. Had some new abenas coming in today...well, they were supposed to. I have very specific instructions RIGHT on the outside of the package showing a near-exact distance from a notable town because I knew this was going to happen. But, I mean, we're right on a state road...not that hard to find. It's like he went *just* as far as where google maps told him to go and no further.

    I call in: "Derp, well, google-maps shows you as being over here!"

    Wow, a whole mile off where I actually am. Did your lazy driver even look at the box or are you just making excuses for him? I worked customer support too, I know when I'm being fed a bunch of BS because I did exactly the same thing. He's like "Yeah, I mean, google maps doesn't even show your house correctly..."

    I wanted to be like "Yeah, I mean, this isn't like the tenth time this exact same thing has happened within the past eight months."

    But...despite my frustration at them screwing up delivery YET AGAIN, I was still nice =/. I pointed out exactly where I lived and I'll reserve my anger for tomorrow when they'll still probably screw things up.

    I wish UPS had a $5 shipping option as opposed to a $35 shipping option because I'd sure as hell use them...I never have problems with them.

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    FedEx is a royal pain in the ass! When I lived in my apartment, they'd always show up at 2:00, when I was at work. I'd call and request to just pick up the package from the shipping center, which I did with UPS all the time, but FedEx wouldn't let me do it. I eventually struck a deal with the office manager (who was in the next building from mine), and she would accept my packages. But, even then, half the time the dumbass driver would not bother to read the sign with big font on the door saying to deliver anything addressed to me to the next building over.

    Now that I've moved, FedEx is kind enough to just put my packages right under the edge of the roof so all the water flows onto them when it rains. Fuckers.

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    lol My fedex driver puts my package right under my roof too ! Another one of my favorite things they do is deliver ANYTIME from 9am till 7pm . Love trying to guess when they will be there.

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    For me FedEx is a lot more predictable than UPS. Depends on area I guess. UPS also tends to deliver stuff that looks like it's been gone at with a chainsaw.

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    Yeah, I've found FedEx in our area to be VASTLY superior to UPS. We've had UPS lose packages, fail to get signatures on packages that *REQUIRE* the signature (we're talking a cashier's check for thousands of $$$ in the f---ing envelope!), take four days to deliver an overnight package or deliver something that is so badly damaged it is hardly recognizable.

    I guess a lot of it depends on the area of the country you live in.

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    UPS works good 4me.

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    USPS used to be great, but lately I have been getting horribly mangled packages and the mail carrier has been doing weird things like just leaving all the mail on the doorstep with packages. I'm talking letters and magazines and stuff just sitting on top of a box on my doorstep. Not a good idea I would think and possibly not even legal? Fedex pretty routinely delivers at about 11:30am here and the packages are pretty much always pristine.

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    I've had hit and miss luck from fedex and ups. Also it's important to notice that fedex ground and fedex air are almost different companies. The deliveries are done by totally separate groups. Ground is usually contracted to other independent fedex franchisers so they can be crappy.

    DHL on the other hand I used to love. I could order stuff by 10pm from a few places and more often than not it was here knocking on my door at 7am. I was apparently literally the first stop on my driver's route for about two years.

    As for the 'special instructions' on the packages, flip a coin. Heads they read it, tails they don't. Doesn't seem to matter what company. Never rely on the special shipping instructions.

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    FedEx is the most reliable in my area. I would only use UPS if I wanted to be certain that something would arrive broken.

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    I pretty much never get FedEx Ground since anything I'm getting FedEx is via Amazon Primes one or two day shipping. That could be in part why I have such a good experience with Fedex.

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