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    Today after checking my e-mail on yahoo, I saw an article titled "25 to waste your money". I thought, "hmm, I can always use advice on that sorta thing." so I clicked on the link and I had a good laugh at their example of #14 in their list. Here is the #14 example:

    14. Shopping at the grocery store without a calculator. Check how much an item costs per ounce, pound or other unit of measurement. When you comparison-shop by unit price, you save. For example, if a pack of 40 diapers costs $13, that's 33 cents per diaper. But if you buy a box of 144 diapers for $35, that's 24 cents per diaper. You save 27%! (Of course, buying more of something only saves money if you use it all. If you end up throwing much out, you wasted money.)

    Of all the things they could have used, I thought it amusing that they used diapers to illustrate their point,

    In case any of you would like to peruse the arctile it can be found at:

    25-ways-to-waste-your-money: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlCherub View Post
    Of all the things they could have used, I thought it amusing that they used diapers to illustrate their point,
    Believe it or not, one of my high school prof used the exact same example ^^. Something along the line of "when you start buying diapers far, far in the future, make sure to calculate the per-diaper price when deciding if you want to buy a pack or a case"

    For the records, I'm following his advice sooner that he would have expected...

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