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Thread: Diapers, while I'm in College

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    Default Diapers, while I'm in College

    I've scene a lot of forum topics regarding college and diapers but most seem to be about how to actually get them and keep them secret! I am actually in a living situation that allows me privacy and I am able to hide my diapers.

    Lately, I have been wearing more to class making sure that they are undetectable. I ordered a sample pack of cushies and babminos but found that they were to loud to really wear out without jeans. Seeing the weather is nice I like to wear athletic shorts around so I wear pullups or depends (which aren't much quieter anyway)!

    Anyway, last night I went to the library and was daring enough to wearing a bambino in my mesh shorts and it was sooo loud. At first I thought I was dumb because the diaper was incredibly audible in the quiet library. It turned out that I liked the daring part of being in a diaper around a lot of pretty girls and in a where people could possibly suspect my wearing!

    Anyone have any cool college diaper stories to share, as a side note?

    Hope everyone is doing well!

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    Dude, you've got balls! My hat's off to you. As I've said in other topics I've worn diapers to class and I was scared to death; and I was wearing jeans. I don't think I could ever wear bambinos to the library under my basketball shorts. Did anyone give you any strange looks?

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    gotta really watch it if you wear short shorts. people can get a glimpse of your diaper from a totally new angle.

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    I'm really consider wearing. Just got a pack of teddies. It will be such a thrill and there is about 20,000+ people at my college so if some people do suspect me of wearing I would never see them again.

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