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Thread: Diapers in norway

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    Post Diapers in norway

    I'm writing this thread in English so everyone understands what I'm looking for!

    Well, as most of you know, Norway is a pretty small country, socialist-country btw. So there are a lot of regulations regarding medical-things - for instance incontinence diapers.

    So, what am I looking for?
    Good question...
    Well, in my town there is only two different pharmacy's, and they deliver all the same brands and diapers (because they get them delivered from the same place).
    So I'm looking for a webshop who delivers to/in Norway, has Abena X-plus, and is cheap. Or to be less precise... they could have diapers that is equivalent to abena x-plus

    I wont take for an answer... they are what i want to put in my diapers (should I explain further?)...

    Thank you

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    I think I have some of it you are looking for: is a german site who have a lot of different kind of diapers. is a danish webshop (in danish), but I think you would be able to understand it (I asume that you are from norway).


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    takk diamdiamsen
    already ordered, but there is some tax-laws in norway that says 25% vat when you receive foreign packages with a value over 200NOK (aprox 24EUR or 35USD) + the transport agency will add up 10-15% in fees for processing your package through customs... so... do the maths :p

    Well, to explain further... freight costs 30EUR from Airoliver/SaveExpress to Norway. The danish page you provided had only Tena's and another brand that I've never heard of... I HATE NORWAY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamdiamsen View Post is a danish webshop (in danish)
    Just take the ferry to Denmark that everyone else goes on to buy duty free beer and other alcohol. Keep driving south into Germany and get a good diaper supply and then drive back to the ferry terminal. When customs decides to inspect you on the way back and they see you have no alcohol, you can drive back home avgift-free! And it is an excuse to go to Legoland.

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    Well, Abena does have a Norwegian version of their site: Velkommen til Abena Hygiene AS!. It would not make sense to have a Norwegian version, if they did not somehow sell their products in Norway. Perhaps there is a 'store finder' or at least 'contact us' link, where you could find out where Abena products are sold in Norway (either physical stores or a Norway-based online shop where customs processing will not be necessary).

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