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    So I keep reading articles and I find posts stating there are stores that sell molicares and abenas along with other good brands. Now I live in New Hampshire, and never once have I seen any of these stores. Not saying they don't exist, I don't really leave my town much so I can't say. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any stores in NH? I already know about CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, Wal-mart, and those "cheap" stores. (cheap being implied of the quality they sell) And if you don't live in NH and know the name of a store like that in your area whats the name of it? Maybe it could help someone in your area locate a store.


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    They do exist but are getting very very hard to find. The trick is to look for actual medical supply stores. They usually have a stock of incontinence products, including diapers. Many times, even if they don't have Abena or Molicares, they might still have American Tenas or Tranquility ATNs, which, while not great, are a lot better than Depends or whatever rubbish store brand.

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    Some manufacturers have listings of retail locations on their websites. I remember that Attends and Tranquility used to have such lists although I haven't checked in quite a while. Those listings led me to find a local medical supply retailer that sells quite a range of adult incontinence products including many that you can't find in regular stores.

    Tranquility Incontinence Products...Where to Buy

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    There's actually a place down the road from me called the "Diaper Warehouse" >.> And yes, it sells..all manner of diapers, prolly 10+ baby brands and many adult brands. It's interesting

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    I would just say go to

    They sell those brands, and for a good price and quick shipping too.

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    Look for a medical supply store. The kind that sells wheelchairs, canes and stuff not the kind that sells stuff to doctors offices.

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    The problem here is that we're talking NH, where the largest city has a population of 110K, and no city outside of the Manchester-Nashua area has even half of that. Basically, the odds of finding a highly-specialized store for diapers are near nil. Maybe you could find a medical supply store, but, having just toyed around with Google Maps searches, I'm finding the pickings pretty slim and weighted towards companies that specialize in delivering equipment to seniors.

    Presumably, if you're able to drive into Massachusetts, where there are population centers galore, you'd likely be able to find something.

    I realize that you're probably asking this because you're listed as a TB and you can't just arbitrarily ship things to your parents' house, but it's quite possible, depending on where you live in the state, that your only option for high-quality diapers may well be online. If that's not a viable option, then you'd hardly be the first teenager from NH who waited until college to get decent diapers.

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