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    Today, i received my first shipment of diapers that i've been craving for, for about 5 days now. After figuring out where to hide them. It was time to put one on and i have 2 words to say: HOLY CRAP! These things are amazingly comfortable, I opened one up and at first I was like, is this going to fit me, looks HUGE compared to a baby diaper that I would force to fit me. After putting it on, i was amazed, simply comfortable.

    Been cleaning the basement and was drinking alot of water cause the dust and w/e kept drying out my throat. Now I can just take a water bottle down and not worry about having to run upstairs to pee. XD

    First time in adult diapers, and extremely happy.

    p.s. they are bambino teddies.

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    Congrats! I remember the first time I switched to adult diapers from Baby diapers (Depends) it was awesome ! the only thing better was when I got my first pack of quality adult diapers which were Bambino's it's like night and day both the comfort , and the security of not worrying about having to run to the bathroom. Enjoy!

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    Yeah, I remember the jump from Kid to Adult diapers. It was exhilarating. Have fun with yours

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