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Thread: Fur Fer a Day

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    Default Fur Fer a Day

    what if for one day you can be the babyfur you always wonted to be. what would you do for that one day.

    I would go to my friends howes and see what how they like having a wolf boy for a friend. than I would probably play with my tall

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    If I could get to be an actual puppy for a day? Puppy play, obviously

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    If I could be a baby weasel for a day...

    I would war dance at every opportunity and take advantage of their insane amounts of energy to race around.

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    I would be a catgirl and just jump around a wag my tail in a pull-up ^-^

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    Like... be an actual Shinx?
    I'd run around lots, sparking at everything ^^
    And play with my tail :3

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    Hmmm... If I was an uncoordinated, hyperactive shepherd puppy for a day... Chaos would reign supreme!

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    being the kangaroo that i am, i would get a pogo stick and a trampoline, just to see how high i could jump. and then go snowboarding. because that sh!t is fun as he11.

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    Oh, so much to do, so little time.

    Chase my oh so lovable tail, chase the mail man, chew on a boot, play fetch, lay around in the sun, This could go on for awhile...Can we make it a week?

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    *Edited because people can't take a joke*
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    I'd sneak away to my mates house and scare him. Then he'd probably kidnap me and keep me there with him. =] All good.

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