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Thread: The amazing one-man diaperfort

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    Default The amazing one-man diaperfort

    Finally restocked completely. Minusing what I've already worn, I have 108 Bambinos and 77 Cushies left. Only worn 3 of each so far. Anywho, BEHOLD. Maximum occupancy is only one. I had a better idea in mind, but ran out of padding, hence the box ceiling. X3 Anywho, here it is as promised:

    Overall View:

    Front View:

    Back View:

    Topless View:

    Inside View:

    Sorry for all the pictures being shitty. I have a terrible steady hand with this phone. :P Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    thats alot of diapers.
    I decided to go overkill with this restock. If 96 Bambinos lasted me almost 2 years, this'll last me longer. Don't pad up as often as I'd like. :P

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    you should post at least one of those in the "stash" thread

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    I've only seen that amount of diapers in my best diaper related dreams O_O

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    That's a brilliant stash of diapers. Makes my modest collection of nearly 70 seem quite small.

    I'm starting diaper tape manufacture next for mine!

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    WOW, that is an impressive stash. Since that stack of diapers is out in the open, and had to have taken some time to build, I assume therefore that you live on you own? OK, I will be the nosey one and ask all the questions, LOL

    How many diapers did you use to create that fort?
    I see several different brands, what brands do you have?
    How much $$ do you have wrapped up in all those diapers?
    How long did it take you to acquire all those diapers?

    yep, ok, I am done with questions now, LOL!

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    I wish I could have a giant diaper stash - most I've ever had was 3*28 nappies (Tena Slip Plus/Super; Maxis come in 3*21).

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