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Thread: The Powder Toy, Falling Sand Game, Pyro Sand, Etc.

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    Default The Powder Toy, Falling Sand Game, Pyro Sand, Etc.

    I have been playing these games like nuts lately, making a large number of things. Mostly I have been playing The Powder Toy
    Download Here
    Mostly because it has a complex assortment of electronic parts, including powered clone (used mostly for lasers) Liquid Crystal, Heat switch, pumps, switch, pos and neg silicon, electrode, battery, etc. and can be used to make complicated logic circuits.

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    I love that game. Very time consuming!

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    I like this one - strange english but fun - try all the different BG modes and it looks great.

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    I am currently working on making a Pixle by Pixle graphic of the F40PH, the greatest scientific achievment known to man

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    what on 'The powder Toy'? that will be quite a challenge, I still havent got to grips with the basics of the sim yet

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    well, there are people that make graphics pixle by pixle by using the zoom (press Z, then use scroll wheel) to get down to pixle level.

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