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Thread: Are depends good?

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    Default Are depends good?

    I get $21 at the beginning of next month, and I have a choice of any diapers at cvs. I've tried pampers, goodnites, and underjams. I want adult diapers.. Something for real.. Idk what they have, but I know they got depends. Are they any good? I don't wanna waste my money..

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    To be completely Unless you love to leak, don't waste your time and money. I have had horrible experiences with Depends, so I must caution you against them.

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    Their not terrible, but their nowhere close to pretty good either. You do have to be careful if you want to prevent leaks.

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    Well then can someone recommend an adult diaper I could find at your average CVS that's thick or at least remotely thick and doesn't leak?

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    Get the average CVS brand. They are the same as the wallgreens ones. So they are awesome. Fitted Briefs are the ones you want. ^^

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    Do they come in tape-up diapers..? That's kinda what I'm looking for.

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    yes. get CVS fitted briefs. they have tapes that are refastenable

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    Good how much are they?

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    only go with depends if its the maximum protection, and if not, then anything that can be taped up

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    i wear those and they hold great but i'd rather have goodnights or pampers

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