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Thread: On behalf of the Directors...

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    Default On behalf of the Directors...

    ...On Valley FM, I just want to say thanks to FullMetal for recording the voiceover on one of our jingles. Muchly appreciated! So uh, join the Directors 7-9am (GMT) for the Valley FM Big Breakfast ...if you're awake

    Look forward to your calls, texts and emails, my collective funky ADISC Soulcats!

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    Oh crap. I totally forgot about this.
    I'll listen on Wednesday Morning and send ya a text or two.

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    wait crap theres a radio channel for adisc? Or am I reading this wrong -.-

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    No it's not the ADISC radio. It's a radio the Dash is doing.
    There was ADISC radio but... Well I don't know. Drew is usually the one that does it.

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    Thats really cool lol, it would be awsome to host a radio show XD, thats one of my dream jobs, that and being a book editor XP

    Well I was trying to get that link to listen to the radio online at the bottom of the site to work because i don't have that radio station here, well as far as my zune knows -.-.

    Anyways when I click on it it's just a blank page and its title is something like vxm.asx or something like that -.- plz help me i would really like to listen tomorrow XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash View Post
    Look forward to your calls, texts and emails, my collective funky ADISC Soulcats!
    I'll see if I can tune in tomorrow. Not sure though because today's the big (football) game against Turkey. I may be too sleepy tomorrow morning.

    However, I want to win one of those prizes announced on that website! What do I have to do? Find a pub that sells breakfast?

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    Well Samaki if your in the Northwest and have a great voice/attitude i can pull a few strings and help you get a job being a radio host, i just got a job working with Peak Broadcasting working on the morning show. the only thing is that you start at the bottom and work up.

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    I text in the show after a joke someone made up.
    Joke was "Why did the musician keep getting arrested? Cos he was treble."
    I found it pretty funny.
    Dash said those are bad jokes for a laugh.
    I text in saying "That musician joke was bad that I can't stop laughing. Mickal, London."

    When that text was read out I think Dash froze for a good second or two.
    There was a reply from the person who made the joke but I misheard it.

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