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Thread: Creepy characters.

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    Default Creepy characters.

    Yep, this thread is about creepy characters.

    From movies, anime, video games, books, comics, etc.....

    Characters that really gave you creeped you out?

    Well, I guess I'll start by stating that all of the priests in The Boys of St Vincent deserve mention of being the slimiest and creepiest characters I have ever seen in a movie. Yep, ALL of them.

    As well as every time David Hess plays a sexually deviant character.

    Let's not forget the woman in Audition, although her character is very much a tragic one.

    As far as video games go, there have been many villains in the Final Fantasy and the Tales games that deserve to be on that list. Apparently, truly sadistic acts by the bad guys are nothing that is shied away from in the world of JRPGs. Usually, the sub-villains are far creepier than the final boss at the end of the game, though, which I always thought was odd.

    If anybody is looking for creepy characters in anime, and does not want to delve into outright hentai to find them (that'll just be too easy), there is always Go Nagai's Violence Jack. There is Violence Jack, there is a small cast of innocent victims, and then there is a large cast of amoral creepers making life hell for everybody else. The only circumstances anybody should watch that anime would be if they wanted to feel a swift kick in their moral backbone.

    So, what makes your list of "creepiest characters imaginable"?

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    oh jeez,skull kid from majora's mask in a video game sense
    what else...I know there are more..
    oh the kid from Persona 3 portable in the jail outfit! dang he's the definition of creepy,go look up some cut scenes
    nothing comes to mind right now,but i should come up with more eventually

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    Butterfly Mage


    By far, the creepiest character I've seen was Commodius, the villain from "Gladiator". A back-stabbing sexual sadist who wanted to rape his own sister. Ewwww... :P

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    The antagonists from the Hannibal Lecter films are at the top of my list for creepy. They are disturbing enough to make a even cannibal seem tame.

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    [spoilers for a stupid movie]

    oh yeah the aliens from Knowing
    "yeah we'll take the kids back to our planet to repopulate" [they even use RABBITS as a visual metaphor]
    "but not the adult scientist who was smart enough to decrypt our message,let's leave him to die"

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    Patrick Bateman from American Pyscho (The Book), if he doesn't creep you out by the end of the book, something is reallyyyyy wrong. Agent 47 is a bit creepy as well (from the video games), what with the whole cloned hitman thing.

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    The Mountain Men from Deliverance
    Norman Bates
    Bellatrix Lestrange

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    oh man..comic wise
    Batman and Robin's professer pyg
    he scares me more than the joker imo

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    From the title, I thought this would be about D**k*r, so I guess this is a pleasant surprise.
    Actually, I can't think of any off the top of my head. Miss Evangelista from a 2009 Dr Who episode is quite creepy, I think.

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