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    it seems like i'm one of the only dl's who likes to use or even owns a webcam
    it's built in so i enjoy using it
    but no one i've chatted with seems to have one,makes me sad
    any opinion on this?

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    Bet most people here have, I have two, one which doesn't work (I might of chewed the cable) and one which runs across my desk like the other thousands of cables leading from somewhere. Tis' cool dont have much use for it if any :P

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    The taste of that cable wasnt great =] Anyway the only software I use with my camera is Logitech Vid HD, which.....which is confusing :P

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    yes i can understand
    i just love to webcam but no dl i know has one
    and my normal friends are boring

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    =] most friends I know are addicted to MSN or Facebook, I ditched MSN as it was doing weird ting to my computer but since the upgraded it, its worse now :P. Well Im a DL but I dont now ya soooooo.... yeah :P bow =]

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    I do have a webcam but I rarely use it other than using Skype now and then ^^;.

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    YES i did join the skype group

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    but not many people to chat with on there?

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    I'm a DL and do have a webcam but I don't use it much.

    If it wasn't for the difference in our ages I'd consider chatting with you using it

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